About Ethan J. Eldridge

Some background on me:

I grew up in the 90s, learning how to program in Basic from a programming book in 7th grade. The next year I learned basic HTML and throughout highschool took classes in Flash, Visual Basic, C++ and web design. Besides spending time on the computer, I played flute for 9 years and picked up other instruments like guitar, drums, and the bass along the way.

I attended the University of Vermont and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. I was one class shy of an applied math major because I was busy leading two organizations (The CS Crew and UVM's UPE chapter), working for UVM's athletic marketing department, maintaining VHFA's seven websites, and doing contract work for Brandthropology.

My junior year I took a graduate level evolutionary computation (EC) course taught by Maggie Eppstein and coauthored a paper published in GECCO on the practical applications of such methods. By the end of my time at University my focus was on EC methods and machine learning. My senior project was an application called Danger Zone. It aggregated tweets from twitter and used a Naive Bayes classifier to detect 'Dangerous' locations by tweet geotags and content. Oh, and I also made a Wiimote Whiteboard with some friends as a fun project for the CS Crew!

What I do now:

After graduating I interned through a program called Vermont HITEC and landed an internship at Bear Code working on Java 2EE and Rails projects. I spent the summer working on the back end system for YouDilligence and after a few months began designing and implementing a system for localvore. Bear Code hired me after my internship was over and I worked as a Junior Developer there; though I also do contract work on the side sometimes. At Bear Code I worked in PHP, Java, and any other language to get the job done, and also did a small amount of research and study on applied computer vision. I've since changed jobs.

In my spare time, I like to work on my personal projects as well as contribute to Open Source ones. You can check out my Github for a repository listing of my projects or to see what I'm up to. Besides coding, I like to play piano (I improvise and have no formal training) and write music. I also redo my website on a semi-annual semi-regular basis. You can check out some of my previous versions here.

If you want to get to know more about me, I'm typically available to chat online in IRC on freenode or am reachable by email (listed on my github). I hope you find this website useful, as it is a collection of cooking, writing, and various other things I've done over the years