Without words


Without words

When I have no words I know you will enable.
The Lord of my heart who comforts me in all
what would I be without that babe in stable?
Though I struggle today, tomorrow victory calls

Your love is like a breeze upon my cheek
Pushing my hair as a father to an infants
My shield, my sword, my armor, I am weak
But your strength fills my jubilance

With what words could I thank you for this?
By faith and works the sinner justified
An empty check written, signed by Jesus
In all things, I seek you to be glorified

They will know you not by our boasting of charity
But through love poured out as water from rock
The raised one who is most high offers serenity
Only to those who bend an ear and halt

A hardened heart may soften over time
Like a river tearing through a mountain
You too work in the most harmful of lives
With open arms you smile and beckon

Without words I cry and lift your name
towards heaven my empty voice cries in praise
for you are with me always through the day
and in night, your side my pillow stays

Last updated: 2017-05-27

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